Hull structural steel

- May 09, 2018 -

Shipbuilding steel generally refers to the structural steel of the hull, which means the steel used to make the hull structure according to the requirements of the classification society.As a special steel order, production, sales, a ship including the ship plate, section steel and so on.

At present, several large steel enterprises in our country have production, and they can produce Marine steel products according to the requirements of customers, such as the United States, Norway, Japan, Germany, France and so on.

The strength level of hull structural steel according to its minimum yield point is: general strength structural steel and high strength structural steel.

The general strength structural steel of China classification society standard is divided into: A, B, D and E;The high strength structural steel of China classification society standard is three strength level and four quality grade.

Matters needing attention for delivery of  hull structural steel:

steel plate.jpg1. Quality certificate review:

The delivery of the steel mill will be delivered according to the requirements of the customer and the original quality certificate shall be provided.In the certificate, the following contents are required:

(1) specification requirements;

(2) quality record number and certificate number;

(3) batch number of furnace and technical level;

(4) chemical composition and mechanical properties;

(5) approval certificate of classification society and signature of surveyor.

2. Physical examination:

The delivery of Marine steel, the physical object shall be marked by the manufacturer.Specific include:

(1) classification society approval marks;

(2) use paint box or paste marking, including technical parameters such as batch number of furnace, standard grade, length and width, etc.;

(3) smooth and smooth appearance, no defect.

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