Informations about metal abrasives and defferents between steel shots and iron shots

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Steel shot, steel grit, steel cut wire shot are collectively referred to as metal abrasive, and is mainly used for casting, forging, shipbuilding, container, steel structure, auto parts, steel plate, deoxidization, rust removal and strengthen the surface of steel pipe.With uniform particle size, hardness modest, rigorous internal organization and has good elasticity, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, etc.Especially for sawing granite processing indispensable ideal material, company product quality reach the international advanced level, has replace imported steel shot, steel grit, is preferred in the metal abrasive.

Engaged in production and application of metal abrasive knows, steel shot have moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, good elasticity and cleaning speed, low consumption, not broken, cleaning speed, technical effect is good wait for a characteristic, in most cases, the hardness and toughness of steel shot have production need, so his life is quite high.

Cast iron pills, also has high hardness, make the characteristics of convenient and cheap prices, in the early stages of the development of shot peening technology has been widely used.Usually the production of cast iron pills have HRC60 ~ 80 strength, therefore, compared with steel shot, cast iron pills is very fragile, easily broken, so life is short, mainly used for shot peening intensity is very high.

Steel shot compared with cast iron pills, life span is about 20 times higher than cast iron pills, therefore, has been widely used steel shot.

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