Is cast steel shot appearance brighter the better?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Is cast steel shot ball appearance brighter the better?Definitely tt isn't. Please see followings.

Currently on the market the high carbon cast steel shot, divided into one-time quenching and secondary tempering, from the composition, hardness and metallographic organization is difficult to distinguish. But the steel shot china products which be processed by secondary quenching, fine grain, high fatigue life.One-time quenched the steel shot china products, the fatigue life is lower.One-time quenching steel shot, due to no further heating and quenching process, the Fe3O4 oxide film formed on the surface is thinner, so it looks very bright.However, after the secondary quenching treatment of steel shots, the surface Fe3O4 film is thickened, not reflective, and does not look bright due to the process of heating and quenching on the basis of one treatment.Therefore, the appearance of the cast steel shot is not the brighter the better, but the attention to whether the secondary quenching treatment.

So you know how to choose your satisfied steel shots.

steel shot_less 100k.jpg

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