Method and machines for stone cutting and granite cutting

- Apr 25, 2018 -

For stone cutting machines, it is divided into frame saw/gang saw and circular saw.

Frame saw is divided into diamond frame saw and steel frame saw.

Advantage of diamond frame saw: can only cut marble and other material soft stone, the loss rate is lower than the sand saw.The disadvantage is that the journey is slow and the time is long.

Sand saw advantage: sand saw is cut material hard stone, is granite.The sand saw can cut the large plate surface, and the large flatness of the plate is much better than the circular saw.Disadvantages: high speed loss.alloy steel grits and lime are also used in the cutting to add to the pollution.

A circular saw is divided into a single saw and a combined saw.

The advantage of a single blade saw is that you can cut a small amount of stone material according to the size you need.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to get crooked and needs to be adjusted constantly.

  • Steel Grit G25 for Surface Preparation
  • High Quality Blasting Media Abrasive Zinc Shots Zinc Rounded Shot 0.6mm
  • Steel Shot S280 for Shotblasting
  • Steel Grit GP16
  • Steel Grit GL120
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL50

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