Problems occured during production of stainless steel shots

- Nov 22, 2017 -

1. The surface is not consistent: only to pickling passivation of weld, also cause uneven surface, affect beautiful.

2. The weld defect: weld defect is serious, using manual mechanical grinding steel shot treatment methods to make up for, traces of grinding, the surface caused by uneven, affect beautiful.

3. The fine polishing passivation uneven: manual grinding polishing after pickling passivation treatment, on the workpiece with larger area, it is difficult to achieve uniform processing effect, not the ideal uniform surface.And man-hour cost, material cost is higher also.

4. Nick difficult to remove: overall pickling passivation, and machining process of various scratches cannot be removed, and also can't remove adhesion due to scratches, welding spatter on the surface of the stainless steel shot, impurities such as carbon steel, splash, cause in the presence of corrosive medium issued by biochemistry corrosion and electrochemical corrosion and rust.

5. Pickling ability is limited, pickling passivation paste is not everything. There's mastercard for plasma cutting and flame cutting and production and black oxide coating, more difficult to eliminate.

6. Scratches caused by human factors is more serious, in the process of lifting, transportation, and structure, dragging, hammer knock against, serious scratches caused by human factors, such as harder to make surface treatment, but also the main reason of corrosion after processing steel shot.

7. Equipment factors: volume in molding, plate bending, the bending process, scratches and creases is also the main reason of corrosion after processing.

8. Other factors: stainless steel shots of raw materials in the process of purchasing, storage, because in the process of lifting, transportation, knock against and cut is serious, is one of the causes of corrosion.

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