Reflective glass beads

- May 08, 2018 -

glass bead

It is mainly made from borosilicate and other chemicals, chemical performance is very stable, if the surface reflective glass beads after processing, can also make the road marking with oil resistant water resistant effect.Not only that, but the reflective glass beads can also be used as artificial agate or marble.

There are three types of use:

1. It can be used for surface decoration during construction of normal temperature or hot melt standard.

2. It can also be used to make premixed materials to ensure that the marking line is luminous throughout the life span.

3. It can also be used as the surface sprinkled glass bead of the normal temperature solvent coating beads

glass beadThis product is widely used in the normal roads and highways, reflective roadblocks and warning signs. As a premixed material, it can be used as an instant reflection effect.The glass beads of the reflective glass of the road, formed by the high melting and melting of the glass beads, are usually in the form of a round glass bead with a diameter of 44 mu.Traffic department to regulation, when marking the construction surface and reflective glass beads as the reflective material in road marking, can significantly improve the reflective ability of pavement marking paint, at the same time of improving the security of driving at night, and can guarantee the line have great extend life span.When driving at night, the car lights on with glass beads road reticule, reflected light, make line looks glow, effectively improve the driving safety at night, also ensure the safety of pedestrians.

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