Relations between steel shot china and Shipbuilding industry

- Mar 09, 2018 -

China's shipbuilding level is at the middle and low end of the world, and the ships that are built will be rusted in the first three to five years, and they will be nearly abandoned and must be pulled up to the shore for a major repair.And the ships that are built by technologically advanced countries are still as new, and why?The main reason is that the metal surface treatment before spraying is not in place.

Because of this, with a keen market sense of smell, in China abrasive industy first developed "metal surface treatment before painting with new strengthening abrasive", this is specific to international latest coating PSPC standard research and development of an efficient cleaning medium, again to fill the domestic blank.After comprehensive testing, the projectile velocity of this product is 40% higher than that of traditional cast steel shot, and the sandblasting efficiency is increased by 55%, reducing the abrasion loss by more than 50%, and directly reducing the cost by 80%.

This is refer to cast steel shot China production and alloy steel shot China production. Especially is S390 or S330.After surface treatment using this good quality steel shot,customer will get very good paint conditions for further processing in shipbuilding.

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