resistant to atmospheric corrosion of stainless steel shots in different areas

- Nov 02, 2017 -

The experience indicates that the corrosive levels of the atmosphere vary from region to region. For the sake of clarification, stainless steel shots and other metal abrasives advocate the geographical distribution of four categories, such as villages, cities, industrial areas and coastal areas.

Stainless steel shot in the countryside, fundamentally pollution-free. The population density is low, as long as the pollution-free industry.

Stainless steel shot in the city, the city is a typical residential, commercial and light industrial area, the area has mild pollution, such as traffic pollution.

Stainless steel shots in industrial areas, industrial areas for heavy industry to form air pollution areas. Pollution may be due to the formation of fuel gas, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides, or chemical plants or processing plants to release other gases. Suspended particles in the air, such as the accumulation of dust or iron oxide in the process of iron and steel consumption, also increases corrosion.

Stainless steel shot in coastal areas, coastal areas usually refers to the area within one mile from the sea. However, the ocean atmosphere can spread to the depth of the inland, the island is even more so, the prevalence of wind from the ocean, and the weather is bad. For example, the British climate conditions are so, so the whole country belongs to the coastal area. If the wind is mixed with ocean fog, especially due to the accumulation of salt accumulation of evaporation, coupled with less rain, not often washed by rain, the coastal area of the conditions even more unfavorable. If there is industrial pollution, then the corrosion is even greater.

In stopping the selection, it is important to be sure whether there are local factors that affect the use of the on-site environment. For example, stainless steel used in the factory chimney below, used in the air conditioning exhaust baffle near or near the scrap field, there will be non-ordinary conditions.

  • Alumina Abrasive Medias Aluminum Shot
  • Steel Shot S780
  • Steel Shots S110
  • Steel Shot S660 as Abrasives
  • Steel Grit GH14
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP10

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