Sandblasting with steel grit china products

- Mar 26, 2018 -

What's sandblasting and how to use steel grit china products for sandblasting?

Sandblasting is using compressed air as the power, to form a high speed injection beam will (copper ore, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, sea sand) high-speed jet to need to deal with the surface, make the workpiece surface appearance or shape change.

Due to the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, make the surface of the workpiece for cleanliness and different roughness, make the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improves the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increased its adhesion between the coating and, extend the durability of the coating, but also to the flow of paint and peaceful decoration.

  • Rounded Aluminum Abrasive Medias
  • Stainless Balsting Media Abrasive Stainless Steel Shot Cut Shot SUS304 0.4mm
  • High Quality Blasting Media Abrasive Zinc Shots Zinc Rounded Shot 0.6mm
  • China Supplier of Foundry Slag Remover Slag Coagulant for Casting
  • Abrasive Media Glass Beads Grinding Blasting
  • Glass Beads for Sandblast Use

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