Shot blasting and shot peening

- Mar 31, 2018 -

For steel shot china products,usually peopels know use to shot blasting and shot peening,but what's exactly of them?And what's differents?

Regarding Shot Peening,it is a metal finishing process similar to Shot Blasting, but it differs slightly in process and the by-products created. The key difference between shot blasting and shot peening is that blasting relies on an abrasive process which chips pieces of the product away, whereas peening relies on the plasticity of the process. Plasticity is the ability of the product to be bent or to be pounded into a different shape. Since it is not abrasive, peening will remove less material from the product and produce less dust.

So as per aboves,you may know what's key diffece between them,and you will dicide how to choose shot blasting or shot peening in your working parts.And relative abrasive medias,steel shot china products you may enquiry to Frandcom industrial limited upon your demand.


Shot blasting.jpg

  • Metal Abrasive Medias G25 Grit
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot 1.0mm
  • Slag Remover / Foundry Perlite for Iron
  • Steel Grit GP12
  • Steel Grit GH14
  • Bearing Steel Shot GP40

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