Shot peening and shot blasting

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Both of shot peening and shot blasting use blasting medias is steel shot china products,Frandcom supply all types of S70 to S1110 with sizes of 0.2mm to 3.0mm.

Shot blast also calls the shot peening, is to reduce fatigue, improve the life of one of the effective methods, shot peening treatment is to high-speed projectile flow injection to the surface of parts, plastic deformation in the surface layers of components, and form a certain thickness of reinforcement layer, strengthened layer formed in high residual stress, because of the existence of the surface compressive stress when the load bearing parts can offset some of the stress, so as to improve the fatigue strength of parts.

Shot peening treatment can improve the fatigue strength, wear resistance and roughness of mechanical parts, such as performance, its application is becoming more and more widely, with the improvement of technical requirements, developed the new shot peening treatment technology.Traditional shot peening treatment technology at home and abroad are reviewed. The research and development of the status quo, this paper expounds the new characteristics of shot peening treatment technology and conditions of use, shot peening treatment technology were analyzed in practical application conditions, points out that the research emphasis in the future should be developing composite shot peening technology, develop new application direction and strengthen the theory research.

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