Shotblasting and Sandblasting

- Feb 01, 2018 -

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Shot blasting principle is the body of the motor to drive the impeller rotation (direct drive or use the "V" belt drive), by the effect of centrifugal force, the diameter is about 0.2 ~ 3.0 projectile (have pills for cast steel, steel cut wire shot, stainless steel, such as different types) to the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece surface reaches a certain roughness, make it beautiful artifacts, or change the workpiece welding tensile stress to compressive stress, improve the service life of the workpiece.By improving the roughness of the workpiece surface, the adhesion of the paint film is also improved.Sand blasting

Sandblasting is using compressed air as the power, to form a high-speed jet beam of the spraying material (copper ore, quartz sand, emery inhaled sandblasting schematic sand, iron ore, hainan) high-speed jet to need to deal with the workpiece surface, make the appearance on the surface of the workpiece surface appearance or shape change, due to the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, make the surface of the workpiece and cleanliness

Different roughness, the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between the coating and its, extend the durability of the coating, but also to the flow of paint and decoration.

The sandblasting process has the following characteristics compared with other cleaning processes (such as pickling and tool cleaning) : first, sandblasting is the most thorough, most common, fastest and most efficient cleaning method.2. Sandblasting can be selected arbitrarily between different roughness, and other processes cannot achieve this.Manual polishing can be made out of wool, but it is too slow. The cleaning of chemical solvent is too smooth to remove the coating.The characteristics of shot blasting: 1.Easy to clean the inner and outer surfaces of complex workpieces and the inner wall of pipe fittings;And it is not restricted by the site and can be moved to the vicinity of the large workpiece for cleaning.2. Simple equipment structure, less investment in the whole machine, less vulnerable parts and lower maintenance costs.3. High energy consumption, it must be equipped with high power air pressure station 4, clean surface is easy to have moisture, easy to produce.5. Low cleaning efficiency, more operators and greater labor intensity.

The characteristics of shot blasting: 1. Poor flexibility.Some blindness, limited by space, cleaning the workpiece the workpiece internal security easy generation can't clean up the surface of the corner, 2, without compressed air accelerating projectile, don't need to set the air compressor station of high power, 3It is not easy to clean the surface with moisture.4. The equipment structure is more complicated, and the vulnerable parts are more, especially the blades and other parts. The maintenance time is much higher, and the cost is high.5. High cleaning efficiency, low cost, low operation personnel, easy to realize automatic control, suitable for mass production.

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