Solutions of blasting aluminum parts

- Apr 09, 2018 -

alu.1.jpgThe surface discoloration of the product after casting shot is mainly the problem of the shot blasting.If use stainless steel shot china products, add a small amount of aluminum shot china products inside,then the product surface is white.

The surface of die casting surface often has mildew point, which seriously affects the appearance quality of casting, mainly caused by mold release agent.At present, there are a large number of manufacturers in the market, many of them have a lot of quality problems, the most important is the corrosion of the die-casting parts.General die casting factory does not pay much attention, the die-casting time is longer, the surface will have white spots (frostlike, removed black) appears, actually has caused corrosion.It is mainly the component that can produce corrosion in the mold release agent.So choose the release agent must not only pursue the price is low, want to say the cost performance.


The die-casting parts often appear on the surface after shot blasting, which is caused by the following reasons :1. The mold or the injection chamber (molten cup) is not cleaned;2. There is not enough pressure on the injection.3. The casting system has some problems, and the alloy liquid enters the cavity with turbulent phenomena;4. Mold temperature problem and so on.

Molds generally do not penetrate into the die-casting parts.However, the bad mold can corrode the surface of the die casting and penetrate into it.In addition, the release agent of the large amount of gas, will be involved in the die casting in the formation of stomata.If the paint is not used, such as a mold, it will produce a slag and other defects.

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