Some applcations to steel abrasives

- Dec 19, 2017 -

About 0.3 0.5 MM steel shot: small casting parts, flange, elbow, tee processing.

Alloy steel shots around 0.6 1.2 MM;Applied to the valve, medium components, surface shot blasting machine processing and oil pump of the renovation work of the bridge.

More than 1.2 MM steel shotl: it is suitable for surface rust removal of steel structure, steel plate surface oxide layer,

Steel cut wire shot and grinding balls of steel wire is suitable for cleaning the surface of steel processing.

Generally used in aluminum die casting, stainless steel shots deburring of titanium magnesium alloy and the high requirements of the decontamination and stainless steel workpieces cleaning.

  • Stainless Steel Shot Blasting
  • Matallic Abrasives for Blasting
  • Steel Blasting Grit for Shipbuilding
  • Stainless Blasting Grit for Surface Treatment
  • Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide
  • Steel Grit GL120

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