Some applications of steel shots

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Steel shot with different specifications, different specifications, different hardness, at the time of specific choice, according to the processed workpiece material and hardness to reasonable choice, in this way, the steel pill can exert the best effect.

Steel shot as metal abrasive in the machinery, aerospace, casting, etc., the main mechanical mass and shot peening of the heavy component or material, iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, etc.

Steel balls are widely used in iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, in this kind of situation often use centrifugal blast equipment.Ball shape and the hardness of small steel shot will have larger to equipment wear and tear.Steel balls are widely used in foundry industry, after the workpiece from the mold, steel balls to remove sand on the surface of the workpiece material.When steel shot with suitable equipment use, because it is durable, must be you are the best abrasive surface cleaning.

The different specifications of steel pill, hardness and using performance is different also, we choose the hardness of steel shot to work, to the workpiece surface cleaning effect.

The greater the hardness of steel shot, when cleaning the workpiece speed is fast, the corresponding consumption of steel shot will be very big, the service life of steel shot will be shortened.From economic considerations, the general workpiece choose moderate hardness steel shot to deal with artifacts.

  • Blasting Media Steel Grit GL25
  • Steel Grit
  • Steel Shots S550
  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot (0.2mm-2.5mm)
  • Steel Grits for Sandblasting
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP80

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