Some informations about sandblasting machine

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Sandblasting machine is a kind of can use a variety of abrasive abrasive (metal and non-metallic abrasive) using compressed air high-speed jet to the mechanical equipment on the surface of the workpiece.Through high-speed jet impact to the surface of abrasive, abrasive surface impurities, noise, scale, increasing the surface roughness and surface area at the same time, improve the adhesion of coating, the coating produce the strongest acid and alkali resistant performance, improve the quality of coating.At the same time can reduce the substrate surface residual stress and enhance the role of substrate surface strength.

Sandblasting machine according to the injection mode can be divided into compression type and suction, due to the compression type is in the same container made of compressed air and mixed abrasive side jet.So to make full use of compressed air, and air flow rate and amount of sand is easy to adjust, can not only suitable for large area processing, can also apply to sandblasting processing of small parts.

Open sand units into: pressure tank, blast pipe, gas pipe, sand blasting gun, electric control system.

Our products,steel grit and steel shot are both suitable for sandblasting/shotblasting purpose.

  • Stainless Steel Blasting Medias 0.3mm
  • Shot Peening Medias Steel Shot S70
  • Steel Grits G25
  • Stainless Steel Cut Shot
  • Steel Shot S660 as Abrasives
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL25

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