Some informations about sandblasting machines

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Product features:
1.The characteristics of the turn table sand steel grit machine; 
2.Special rail trolley design, can lift the heavy workpieces on the above, is very convenient, energy saving; 
3.Cart wheel, can according to customer's requirements reinforcement; 
4.According to customer needs, select manual or automatic turntable. 
5. Can be customized according to customer requirements

Scope of application: various types of heavy-duty workpiece sprayed steel grit: such as all kinds of mold, computer shell mold, gravity pressure
Large artifacts such as spray mold steel grit.

Product parameters:
Steel shot injection machine working chamber size (mm) : 900 * 700 * 700;Power supply: 220 v50hz; 
Machine floodlight: 220 v13w energy-saving lamps;Machine net weight: 320 kg;Turntable bearing: 150 kg; 
Separator motor: 220 v50hz550w;Separator volume: 8.5 m3 / min; 
The compressed air source: 2-8 bar (kg/c ㎡)

  • Metal Abrasive for Shot Blasting and Sand Blasting
  • Alumina Abrasive Medias Aluminum Shot
  • Steel Grits G16
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot for Shot Blasting
  • Steel Shot S550 for Surface Treatment
  • Steel Grit GL12

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