Some informations about treatment of aluminum parts

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Treatment of aluminum parts is a little difficult for some users,coz aluminum surface is soft and easy to be scratched by abrasive medias. Then what method is the best?

1. Mechanical polishing

Some Chinese manufacturers have imported some mechanical polishers from Spain.In fact, this technique is an early mechanical sweep.Extension of mechanical drawing technology.Through the mechanical polishing process can make the aluminum to achieve the mirror effect, a polishing machine can only sell about two thousand tons of aluminum at most a year, so the output of mirror aluminum is not big.It is also polished after polishing, which can achieve the brightness of electrophoresis coating.However, this kind of aluminum often has a thickness of 6-7, and the corrosion resistance is too poor to be promoted.Mechanical polishing can make the surface even, refine the grain, reduce the aluminum consumption, the disadvantage is the electricity, the output low and can throw the decorative surface.

2. Mechanical blasting and mechanical sandblasting.

The earliest such equipment is used for surface treatment of steel or cast iron parts.Later, a factory in china imported equipment from Italy for aluminum surface treatment and received excellent results.According to the raw materials used, the technology can be divided into four categories: stainless steel shot china products, stainless steel cut wire china products, aluminum shot china products and quartz sand.This kind of equipment has been localized, such technology can eliminate the extrusion mark on the aluminum surface, reduce the aluminum consumption, and make the surface achieve the effect of sublight.Recently, I have noticed that the door of KFC restaurants in the United States, basically using the shot shot electrophoresis, does appear to be a noble status.

3. Powder spraying.

Should say powder coating because of its colour diversity, is not very strict with substrate material, more and more get the welcome of many aluminum plant and the mass consumers, it also can meet the personalized design, choose color according to user interests.The development and popularization of hot profile has opened up an important space for powder spraying profiles, and the appearance of powder coating is also more diversified.The transfer method makes it easy for us to make aluminum wood grain and marble.Now the barrier spraying method can even spray directly the effect of the wood grain.But although powder research advances in the world (now out of fluorocarbon powder, transparent powder, etc.), but these large powder coating manufacturer how much will take to China to produce excellent technology, is a concern.Like the electrophoresis coating, we have been producing for so many years that the quality cannot catch up with Japan.

4. Electrophoresis coating.

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