Some informations of derusting grade

- Apr 11, 2018 -

First: the scale of derusting grade can be seen in China GB8923-88. Blasting medias are steel shot china products and steel grit china products.

Secondly, spray or ejection derusting, with Sa, can be divided into four levels:

1. Sa1 mild sandblasting.

The surface should have no visible dirt, grease and unfastened oxidized skin, paint coating, rust, and impurities.

2. The Sa2 level is completely sandblasted.

The surface should have no visible grease, dirt, oxidized skin, rust, paint coating and impurities basic removal, the residue should cling firmly.

3. Sa2.5 is very thorough sand blasting.

There is no visible oil, oxidized skin, dirt, paint coating and impurities. The residue traces are only a slight pinstripe or dot.

4. Sa3 sand blasting to clean steel surface.

The surface has no visible oil, dirt, oxidized skin, rust, paint coating and impurities. The surface has a uniform metallic color.

Third, power tools and manual derusting, with St, are divided into two levels:

1. St2 is completely manual and power tools to remove rust. There is no visible oil or dirt on the surface of the steel, and there is no adhesion of oxidized skin, rust or paint coating.

2. St3 is very thorough manual and power tools. The surface of derusting steel should be free of grease and dirt, and it has no rust, oxide or paint coating.It is also more thorough than St2, and the surface of the substrate has a metallic luster.

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  • Sandblasting Medias G50
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