Some more exact applications of steel shots

- Dec 19, 2017 -

In fact although steel shot blasting derusting processing, but different material of workpiece, the applicable steel shot types are different, such as non-ferrous metal general selection pills for aluminum or stainless steel.General steel, welding, casting, steel, etc. Choose steel shot.Steel shot up higher surface roughness, the greater the diameter but clean power is high;And irregular shape of the steel grit and steel cut wire shot up power than the spherical pellet is higher, but the surface roughness is high also.

When choosing steel shot size, under the precondition of satisfaction surface roughness requirement, choose larger steel shot, as far as possible before into power.Visible in the choose and buy of steel balls in the process of the first to be aware of the artifacts that need to be processed with what type of steel shot, about specification range will demand further decision according to their own practice.In short steel shot when it is necessary to the choose and buy from the type, specification, shape of steel shot the integral aspects, such ability in moving forward with a satisfied with their own practical needs the derusting processing power of the workpiece.

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