Some news about raw materials of steel shots and steel grits

- Feb 23, 2018 -

According to a recent report from the China iron and steel association, China's total exports of waste steel totaled 220.3 million tons in 2017, compared with 1,000 tons in 2016, a thousand-fold increase year on year.

In 2017, China will clear out the "land strip steel" and shut down the medium frequency furnace.Estimated according to the personage inside course of study, about 70 million to 80 million tons of scrap steel is affected by this without the sale of the original, the major domestic steel door are full send scrap vehicle, excess supply are causing scrap steel prices are low.As a result, even if export tariffs are as high as 40 per cent, scrap steel remains heavily exported and blowout.

From the direction of flow, the major exporters of scrap steel are Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries, mainly exported to the southeast coastal areas of guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian and hainan.

Steelmaking is divided into long process and short process.The long process is made of molten iron, scrap steel and ferroalloy as the main raw material. In the process of steel making in the converter, the use of scrap steel is only 10% to 30%.The short process is also known as the electric steelmaking process, and 70 to 90 percent of the raw material is scrap.

According to the understanding, the international mainly in short process steelmaking, and China still a large number of long process steelmaking process.The main reason is that the higher price of electricity and the lower price of iron ore make the short process law less economical than the long process method.

Of industry and information technology, raw materials industrial company officials said the concentrated outlaw "DeTiaoGang" in 2017, although the long process of enterprises increased scrap utilization of scrap stage oversupply but still happen.In order to meet the future development needs of the steel industry, the problems existing in the development of short-process steelmaking should be promoted.

The person in charge said that in 2018, China will properly guide the development of electric steelmaking.Specifically, it is necessary to encourage the transformation of some long process enterprises into electric furnace enterprises.The new electric furnace project in different areas should be appropriately tilted in the capacity replacement policy.Encourage small electric furnace enterprises to jointly restructure and receive surplus areas to transfer capacity and develop advanced electric furnace enterprises;Promote relevant policy amendments, create favorable environment for short process steel production.

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