Stage of sandblastings

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Some informations about sandblasting.

Sandblast cleaning process includes pre-treatment stage and sandblasting technology stage:Pre-treatment stage of sandblasting process: it refers to the treatment of the workpiece surface before it is sprayed or sprayed.

The pre-treatment quality of sand blasting technology affects the adhesion, appearance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating.The pretreatment work is not good, the rust will continue to spread under the coating, causing the coating to fall off.After careful cleaning of the surface and general simple cleaning of the workpiece, the coating comparison with the exposure method, life can be 4-5 times.

Phases: sand blasting process is to use compressed air to power form a high-speed injection beam, the spraying material material (such as steel grit china products, garnet sand china products, brown fused alumina china products etc) high-speed jet to need to deal with the surface, the surface appearance of components changes, due to the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, make get some cleanliness and different roughness of workpiece surface, make the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface.

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  • Blasting Media Steel Grit GH25
  • Copper shot for Casting
  • 1.2mm Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Grit GH25
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP25

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