Stainless steel shot preparation method as well as on the selection of raw materials

- Nov 21, 2017 -

The choice of metal materials: stainless steel bolus of production material is stainless steel, of course, but the preparation of stainless steel method has two kinds:

The first is to use a metal or alloy raw materials preparation, because the metal or alloy raw materials are usually buy lower limit, so by buying raw materials into the stainless steel raw material to produce stainless steel pill, the cost is relatively high.

The second is to choose stainless steel scrap in the production of stainless steel shots.Are everywhere in stainless steel scrap, the problem is not big, and the cost than to use the first method with the raw material is much lower, all in the production of stainless steel metal powder, are actually choose waste materials for production of stainless steel.Manufacturer to obtain profits, it is between the first and the second method of raw material price difference and the value of the products.If there is no raw material price difference, only on the product value, is not how much profit. 

Buy stainless steel scrap, there are a few points need to be aware of, first, to buy scrap, should look very clean.Second, buy the stainless steel waste, should provide the same brand for the same supplier, that is to say, the material should be provide waste manufacturers, to buy after the formation of the waste my own use.Is bought in bulk in the production of stainless steel tableware, for example, product of this time to the same supplier, is with a warranty, the warranty will have this batch of material chemical composition range, or have a clear material grades, with the material grades, you can easily find the scope of its chemical composition.Only ingredients, can you accurately judging if you qualified production of stainless steel bolus.In addition to the production of stainless steel products manufacturers, can provide the whole batch of material composition of uniform and production of stainless steel tube manufacturers, it should be said that this kind of tube material is better than flake material, this is because the sheet material, its surface area is larger, the formed when molten slag is much.If funds allow, can buy more at a time waste. 

To buy stainless steel waste, should be treated before use, not directly into the furnace melting without processing.

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