Stainless steel table

- May 03, 2018 -

The first point: stainless steel table and chair should first look at the thickness of stainless steel plate or stainless steel table, normal desktop size: 600*1200, 600*1600, 600*1800, 600*2000.600*2200. Normal: 550*1150, which is the basis for our selection of stainless steel tabletop.stainless steel table

Second: the use of the stents of the stainless steel table and chair is generally divided into 50*50 square tubes or 50 round tubes.These refer to the design of stainless steel table and chair according to the style of the tube, the style of the stainless steel table can only be guaranteed if the stainless steel table and chair process is determined.Third: stainless steel welding quality of fast food tables and chairs, well-known stainless steel welding is strict, only good argon arc welding workers can do fine welding job, so after welding joint to polishing, edge of stainless steel material to polishing, there can be no angular where the burr is

stainless steel tableSize of household stainless steel table and chair.

The family stainless steel dining table and chair is like a rectangle of 6 people's table, the table size is generally 1200mm -- 1500mm, the width is 800mm -- 900mm, the height is 750mm.1200*800 or 1400*800 or 1500*900.Mainly with 1400*800 mainly, namely do not take up too much space, also more suitable 6 people practical.

Almost all stainless steel table need to be processed by galvanization,before this processing,you must need use stainless steel shot for blasting.You may visit blasting medias at Frandcom.

stainless steel table

stainless steel table

  • Shipbuilding Blasting Grits G25
  • Metal Abrasive Medias G25 Grit
  • Copper shot for Casting
  • Zinc Shot for abrasives
  • Steel Grit GP40
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH120

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