Steel balls are classified according to different hardness

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Steel shot is a very good kind of abrasive products in a lot of castings in the sand treatment, the use of steel shot cleaning effect is good, steel shot is also widely used in steel parts before painting the descaling and rust treatment.

There are many classification of steel balls According to the different hardness of steel balls, steel balls can be divided into steel balls, cast iron pills, glass pills and other classification of different hardness of steel balls have different purposes.

Iron and steel pill hardness is generally HRC40 ~ 50, processing some of the more hard metal, can increase the hardness to HRC57 ~ 62. Their toughness is better, the service life is cast iron pills several times, a wide range of applications.

Cast iron pills hardness of HRC58 ~ 65, this kind of steel shot of the high hardness, refrigeration is very brittle, very easy to break, short life, the application is not very wide. It is mainly used for places requiring high shot peening strength.

The hardness of glass pills is lower than the previous two hardness, mainly for stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and other non-allow iron pollution. It can also be used for the second treatment after steel shot peening to remove iron contamination and reduce the roughness of the part surface.

  • Abrasive Grain Steel Grain S460 for Surface Treatment of Steel Pipe
  • Sand Blasting Abrasive Materials GP16 Cast Steel Grit for Surface Treatment of Steel Sheet
  • Grit Blasting Media GH Steel Grit GH12 Used for Surface Pretreatment of Automotive High Strength Gears
  • Good Blasting Media Steel Cut Shot for Polishing Before Painting
  • High Purity Blasting Brown Aluminum Oxide BTA for Polishing Precision Parts
  • WFA Abrasives White Fused Alumina Oxide for Sandblasting and Refractory

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