Steel grits applications

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Characteristics of steel grit: moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, can be used for several times repeatedly, long life, good elasticity and adhesion, fast clean sand consumption is low, not broken, clean up the workpiece intensity big, the technical effect is good, the metal surface treated by this product cleanliness can be up to international standards.Surface roughness of 25-150 um, thereby increasing the contact area on the surface of the metal, improve the coated surface adhesion, to refine metal surface strengthening metal structure, it is very significant economic benefit, is the most advanced at home and abroad, the most ideal cleaning blast, rust removal and strengthen of quality materials.

1, the single crystal, high purity can be used in the manufacture of semiconductor, the manufacture of silicon carbide fibers.
2, can do hardware, glass, stone, jade and so on polishing.Steel shot Silicon carbide mainly has four major application fields, i.e., functional ceramics, refractories, abrasives, metallurgical raw materials.At present, the silicon carbide coarse material has to a large number of supply, cannot calculate high-tech products, and the application of high technology content of nano-sized sic powder short time can't form scale economy.

3, as abrasive, abrasive tool can be used to do, such as grinding wheel, whetstone, grinding head, sand tile, etc.
4, as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

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