Steel shot applicable scope

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Cast steel shot and shot are common used in casting before spraying the surface pretreatment;Casting deoxidization;Pipe descaling, etc.In the aviation industry, automobile industry, oil and gas pipelines, plant maintenance and metal processing, etc, all have important applications.

Cast steel shot and shot is the raw material is a little different, the manufacturing process is essentially the same, the applicable scope is almost the same.The difference is that some of the high hardness steel shot, use on the same product, steel shot some relatively short life.

In the manufacturing industry, as a kind of metal steel shot abrasive, the aviation industry, automobile industry, sand blasting, spray painting business, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing, repair, casting and other industries has played a clean surface, prevent oxidation and rust removing effect, for artifacts, prolong service life, improve the efficiency of the workpiece.

Steel shot is made from special material by special heat treatment, first melting quality of steel pieces, then use high pressure water jet make molten steel to form particle shape, formation of new heating to purify the homogeneous pill weight, and then quenching process.After quenching pill to be reheated drying, and tempering for the furnace body to achieve suitable hardness, after tempering treatment of steel shot through mechanical screen is sorting into different grades of products subject to the SAE standards for shot peening equipment.

  • Steel Grits G16
  • Steel Grit G25 for Surface Preparation
  • Steel Shots S110
  • Stainless Steel Shot and Cut Wire
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Slag Coagulant for Iron Casting

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