Steel shot high hardness, the workpiece cleaning effect is good, relative to consumption

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Steel balls are widely used in iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, in this case often use centrifugal blast equipment.Ball shape and the hardness of small steel shot will have larger to equipment wear and tear.

Different models of different hardness is steel shot through the operation of shot blasting machine, through the selection of control and pellet material particle size, shape, and adjust and set the machine's walking speed, control pill mass ejection flow, material with different mass ejection strength, effect of different surface treatment.

Steel shot is mainly used to clean up the workpiece, the choice of steel shot and working efficiency is proportional to the correct selection of steel shot is the key to improve the work efficiency, steel shot high hardness, the workpiece cleaning effect is good, relative to the consumption of good, so, the use of steel shot, according to the workpiece material and hardness, to choose the appropriate steel shot, so as to improve the service life of steel shot.

Steel shot of the higher hardness, clean up the faster speed for a long time, but short life consumption is big, so hard to be moderate (about HRC40-50 advisable) to use the best effect.Choose steel shot with moderate hardness, excellent elasticity of steel shot, every place to clean up the room, also can reduce the processing time.

Steel shot diameter, the greater the cleaned up the surface roughness is higher, but the efficiency is very high;Irregular shape of the steel grit and steel cut wire shot cleaning efficiency than the spherical pellet, but the surface roughness is high;Clean up the high efficiency of the projectile to equipment wear and fast;Just use time to calculate, but production efficiency compared to the wear and tear is not fast;The hardness of steel shot and cleanup is proportional to the speed, but and is inversely proportional to life.

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