Steel shots can be used for steel pretreatment

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Different particle size and hardness of the product for different processes, such as surface hardening. Workpiece coating, pre-treatment of the workpiece adhesion Sandblasting can remove all rust on the surface of the workpiece and so on, and establish a very important foundation pattern on the surface of the workpiece, and can be changed to different degrees of abrasive, to varying degrees Roughness, greatly enhance the workpiece and paint, plating binding. Steel shots are used for steel pretreatment, generally used for rust coating before.

Steel shots are also widely used in the foundry industry, when the workpiece is removed from the mold, clear the surface of the workpiece with steel shots. When steel shots are used with the right equipment, they are definitely the best abrasive for surface cleaning because of their durability. Steel pellets are manufactured by first melting high quality steel blocks and then spraying the molten steel with water under high pressure to form fine particles. The formed pellets are reheated to homogenize and then quenched. As the annealing iron pellets after annealing, the surface was uniform color blue, often with the tempering iron pill pretending cast steel pill, Iron pill service life of only 50-400 times, Steel pill iron pills serious reduction of rust effect, seriously undermining the interests of users .

To the ball mill installed steel forging by the diameter and the proportion of reasonable ball is right, but the big time to pack out really is not necessary, since the mill barrel is not integrated into a separate installation is of no use, or will be mixed up. As the production progresses, the media (steel forging) will also wear less and require additional timed balls, which may be cumbersome and useless to separate the balls and affect production. When adding the ball in accordance with the size and proportion installed on the line, the ball shape and hardness of the smaller steel balls will not have greater wear on the device. The quenched pellets are dried and reheated in the furnace to achieve the appropriate hardness. Tempering shots are divided into different grades by mechanical screening.

More types of steel shots, different steel shots, the raw materials and equipment required is different. Steel shots production, but also related to the production lines and equipment, can be purchased directly. There are many places where steel balls are needed, such as castings, forgings, machined parts lists, parts heat treated tables, etc. You can sell places related to these, for example, general manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc., Have needs. Advanced casting technology and equipment: Steel shots using the international advanced technology of anhydrous production, that is, the use of completely dry resin sand deposited on the metal film, completely eliminate the water glass may cause porosity, slag and other casting defects so that the product Quality has been a qualitative leap; and improved iron-carbon ratio, fully meet the quenching requirements.

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