Surface treatment of steel structure with steel abrasives china products

- Apr 06, 2018 -

It is very important for surface treatment of steel structure,what method do you know for its treatment? And how to use steel shot china products to treat surface of steel structure?

1. Manual handling: such as scraper, wire brush or grinding wheel, etc. It can remove the rust and oxidized skin on the surface of the workpiece by hand, but the manual processing labor intensity is large, the production efficiency is low, the quality is poor, the cleaning is not thorough.

2.. Mechanical treatment: mainly include shot blasting and shot blasting. The shot blasting method is used to accelerate the projectile by centrifugal force, and the method of cleaning and cleaning of the workpiece is carried out. It is the best way to remove rust from the stainless steel.

The shotcrete is divided into peening and sandblasting. The surface treatment with the shot blasting, the force is large, the cleaning effect is obvious. But the processing of shot peening on sheet workpiece, easy deformation of components, and steel shot china products hit the surface (no matter blasting or peening) make the metal base material deformation, with the oil of artifacts, shot blasting, shot peening can not thoroughly remove oil. In the existing workpiece surface treatment method, the cleaning effect is best cleaned by the sand blasting. Sandblasting is suitable for cleaning the workpiece surface.

3. Chemical treatment: use acid solution to react with the corrosion products of iron, and produce molten iron salt to remove rust. Because the use of chemical agents is not easy to control, resulting in corrosion of steel components, and easy to pollute the environment, gradually replaced by mechanical treatment methods.

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