Technology of stainless steel shot

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Stainless steel shot, the production principle of stainless steel is easy oxidation in liquid alloy, although it at room temperature corrosion resistance is quite good.Stainless steel bolus there are several ways to use, and now is the most common to shred stainless steel shot, it is to use slicer, to a certain diameter of stainless steel wire to shear, can achieve the same length and the diameter of stainless steel cut wire shot.

Stainless steel shots all over the country there are people in the production, the production is also quite big, but because of its high cost raw material, people do more, so the profits has been in decline.Another kind is atomization method is used to produce stainless steel shots, abroad have been successful example in this respect, and has been industrialized production on a large scale, imports of stainless steel shots is mostly produced by atomization method.Others atomization method is adopted to improve the domestic production, success, its products have entered the market, it is said that users are satisfied with down, quantity of goods is rising.Domestic supply of stainless steel shot at present, in addition to the agent a, producers are mainly concentrated in jiangsu, zhejiang, too.

shots for stainless steel production is different from general cast steel, because of the stainless steel at high temperature is relatively easy oxidation, once the oxidation, it is difficult to use other ways to remove the oxide coating on the surface of the.So, when making, requires that in addition to the stainless steel shots oxidation caused by factors.Because of stainless steel shot this special requirement, so used to make stainless steel shots of equipment is special.

Stainless steel shots making device is the core equipment of stainless steel shot, it is according to the production characteristics of stainless steel shots, specially designed and manufactured.The whole stainless steel shot production system is composed of the following sections, in the production of stainless steel shot order, followed by medium frequency furnace, tundish, atomization, stainless steel bolus collection, component testing, pill, grading, weighing packaging, warehousing.

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