the advantage of steel cut shot

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Steel cut shot in use in the anti-impact ability, high hardness cut steel wire, not easy to deformation, impact resistance, good processing effect; not easy to break, long-term adherence to the work of particle size; appearance no sharp corners, Workpiece appearance; wire cut shot life, about 5 times the cast iron pill.

       As the wire cut shot has a certain impact resistance, under repeated high-speed impact, not easy to break the decision; use less self-destroying dust; uniform particles, no sharp corners, less pieces, shot pill road smooth, Not easy to block the use.

       Wire cut shot has the advantages of stable raw materials, high wear resistance, good resistance, not brittle strengths, widely used.

  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot (0.2mm-2.5mm)
  • Shot Blasting Steel Shot
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP16
  • Steel Shot for Sandblasting
  • High Carbon Steel Shot

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