the application for different sizes of steel grit

- Sep 26, 2017 -

The following are the application for different sizes of steel grit:

SS-0.5 SS-0.3 SG-0.4 SG-0.3

Alloy castings, sheet, strip, small stainless steel castings rust removal, spring strengthening, surface treatment before spraying, improve roughness to enhance adhesion.

SS-1.7 SS-1.4 SG-1.7 SG-1.4 SG-1.2

Large and medium castings of sand, forging parts, heat treatment pieces to remove oxide, steel, steel and steel components of the rust and surface strengthening.

SS-0.8 SS-0.6 SG-1.0 SG-0.7

Small castings, forgings, heat treatment parts, aluminum and copper alloy castings, steel strip steel, steel pipe and other sand removal of oxide, spring chain surface strengthening and grinding processing stone cutting. 

SS-2.5 SS-2.0 SG-2.5 SG-2.0

Large cast iron, cast steel, steel structure, large forgings, heat treatment pieces of sand, rust removal of oxide surface cleaning, etc. 

SS-1.2 SS-1.0 SG-1.0 SG-0.7

Small and medium-sized castings of sand, forgings, heat treatment pieces, steel, steel, steel and structural steel rust reduction, coating, coating before the surface treatment and stone cutting.

  • Steel Grits G25
  • Shot Blasting Media Steel Shot S330 for Pre-treatment Before Painting
  • Steel Shot S660
  • Abrasive Powder Brown Fused Alumina Brown Aluminum Oxide for Sand Blasting Machine
  • Steel Shot S780 Shot Peening
  • Steel Grit GP10

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