the application of steel cut wire shot

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Steel cut wire shot because of moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, long life, good rebound, low consumption, not broken, clean up the speed and many other features, has been widely used in industry.

   The surface roughness reaches Rz = 10-150μm, which increases the surface finish of the metal and improves the surface adhesion of the coating after coating, and the surface roughness of the metal surface is better than that of the steel surface, Steel cut wire shot is the current domestic and foreign advanced, ideal throwing shot peening and strengthening with metal abrasive.

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  • Shot Peening Medias Steel Shot
  • 1.2mm Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Brown Aluminum Oxide for Refractory
  • Abrasive Medias-stainless Steel Shot
  • Steel Grit GL12
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP50

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