The difference between domestic and foreign production technology for stainless steel

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Before and the current domestic stainless steel shot production enterprise mainly concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang area, hebei, shandong, shenzhen, fujian and other places also have business in preparation for production of stainless steel shots.Want to stainless steel shots production enterprise, used mostly in the form of abrasive production, market situation is very understanding of stainless steel shots.Some would do agent for foreign companies, because users in the hand, so to sell their stainless steel shots products.

Foreign water atomization is of stainless steel shots, according to the experience of the production of stainless steel metal powder, when want to get spherical powder, method of aerosol method, is the inevitable choice.Spherical powder, stainless steel in domestic has the specialized factory in production, more than 10 years ago just produced spherical stainless steel powder is used to produce filter elements of raw materials.Such as oxygen - acetylene welding equipment used in tempering check firearms, its core components is to use the spherical stainless steel powder forming stainless steel check the fire tube, it is quite a sponge material of metal tubes are the components, when in the welding tempering, flame through check the wall will naturally put out the fire, so as to achieve the aim of preventing tempering, to ensure the safety of the welding operation.

Despite enterprises in the production of more than ten years ago in abrasive industry called stainless steel shots of spherical stainless steel powder.In abrasive industry, no one knows the situation, to use what method can be a very good produce stainless steel shot, or people keep looking for.Finally, find and confirm the method of aerosol method, is the way of industrialized production of stainless steel shots, leading enterprises and a lot of profit.Our country can learn from foreign advanced steel shot production process, not copied for reference only, for China to become an international advanced.
Stainless steel shot, as a kind of material, surface treatment industry last year's demand is very big, a few years ago, the supplier of stainless steel shot domestic agents, mainly foreign stainless steel shot with stainless steel shot to make domestic enterprises to join, the price of stainless steel shot in decline year by year, using range is expanding, dosage is more than a year than a year.Our government and enterprises are on high alert to strengthen production technology research and development of China's own steel grit steel shot, can't always rely on foreign countries, only do someone else's agent, the Chinese "manufacturing" to "create" in China.

From 2013, some of chinese manufactures start to development and research technology of water ztomization.And till now finished well products are available in many manufacturers in Zhejiang province.

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