The fatigue life of steel shot

- Jan 15, 2018 -

The fatigue life of steel shot is very long, because the steel shot can be recycling for many times, at the same time, the different types of steel shot has a long fatigue life, use cost is very low, and very affordable, special use on blasting and dealing with castings, very good, but today is mainly to introduce or questions about the service life of steel shot, hope you can understand and like this article, the awareness of the correct use of steel shot.

Steel shots just as its name implies is to use steel wire cut shots and used according to different divided into the use of steel wire and ordinary pills for high carbon steel and low carbon steel, stainless steel bolus.

Steel shot, in general, Owen life is 3000-3500, which means it can be recycled so many times, actually there is no rejection standard, it will gradually wear in the process of circulation, into dust.Usage is very big, can use almost any workpiece surface treatment.Because of its long life, loved by customers, the market is very good, consumption is very big also, especially some shipyard class enterprise.Steel shot in general is longer than the life of the cast steel shot 15-30%, because there is no porosity and loose steel shot, steel grit for more precision parts, stainless steel bolus for more pieces of stainless steel and aluminum castings, cast because it doesn't contaminate the castings after shot peening, and more wear-resisting.And high hardness steel shot for aviation engine and diesel engine blades, cylinder, the strengthening of the connecting rod.

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