The higher the hardness of the steel ball, the faster of the cleaning speed

- Dec 21, 2017 -

The higher the hardness of steel shots, cleaning faster and faster, but short life expectancy, so hard should be moderate (about HRC40-50 appropriate) the best results. Select moderate hardness of steel shots, with excellent rebound of the steel shot, to reach the clean-room in every place, but also can reduce the processing time.

Steel shots are widely used for descaling and descaling pre-painted steel workpieces, in which case centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. Ball shape and hardness of the small steel balls will not produce greater wear and tear on the device.

Different models of different hardness steel shot, through the operation of the shot blasting machine, pellet by controlling and selecting the particle size, shape, and adjust and set the machine's walking speed, control the shot material jet flow, get different projectile strength, Get different surface treatment effects.

Steel balls are mainly used to clean the workpiece, the choice of steel balls is proportional to the work efficiency, the correct choice of steel shots is to improve work efficiency, high hardness steel, the workpiece cleaning effect is good, relative to the consumption is good, Therefore, the use of steel balls, according to the workpiece material and hardness, only to choose the right steel balls, so as to improve the service life of steel balls.

The larger the diameter of the shot, the higher the finished surface roughness, but the working efficiency is also high. The irregular shape of the grit or wire cut pellets is more efficient than the spherical pellets, but the surface roughness is also high. Efficient projectile wear on the device faster; just use the time to count, but compared to the production efficiency of this wear and tear is not too fast; steel hardness and cleaning speed is proportional to, but and life is inversely proportional .

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