The production process of steel grits

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Steel grit as abrasive materials, metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material is high carbon steel or alloy steel scrap material, can be used to do abrasive, such as grinding wheel, whetstone, grinding head, sand tile, such as steel shot abrasive made of chilling iron grain, chilling iron grain forced molten iron by steam jet.The abrasive in the rolling mill barrel for the use of ground rock.Production process is as follows:

1, the steel grit semi-finished screening classification, namely was finished steel grit.
2, after quenching steel scrap into the crusher for crushing, semi-finished product to obtain steel grit.
3, the material for high carbon steel or alloy steel scrap, into the quenching device for heating quenching process.

Traditional steel grit steel shot production methods, reducing the production process must first be pills for casting Angle steel scrap melting and build process, has the remarkable economic efficiency, improve the coated surface adhesion, high purity of single crystal and can be used in the manufacture of semiconductor, the manufacture of silicon carbide fiber, greatly saves the cost of production.

  • Metal Abrasive for Shot Blasting and Sand Blasting
  • Metal Abrasives Steel Grit G25 for Blasting
  • Steel Grits G10
  • Steel Shot S230 for Sand Blasting
  • Steel Grit GH40
  • Steel Grit GH12

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