the reasons why steel cut wire is welcomed by customer?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

The steel cut wire shot as the name suggests is the shots cut from steel wire, the use of different according to the use of the wire is divided into stainless steel wire cut pills and ordinary

High carbon steel wire cutting pill and low carbon steel cutting pill. In general, the steel cut pills Owen life is 3000 - 3500 times, that it can be recycled with so many times, in fact, there is no scrapped standard, in the process of recycling it will slowly worn out, into a dust. Use great, any workpiece

The surface treatment can be used almost. Because of its long life, by the customer's favorite, the market is very good, the amount is also great, especially some shipyard class of business.

Steel cut wire shot is generally 15-30% longer than the life of cast steel shots, because the steel cut shots without pores and loose, uniformity of the organization is also good, steel

cut wire shot is used for precision parts, stainless steel cut wire for stainless steel and aluminum castings, because of its shot peening will not pollute the castings, and more wear

The And high hardness of the steel cut wire for the aircraft engine and diesel engine blades, cylinders, connecting rod reinforcement.

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