The size of abrasive

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Abrasive size determines the quality of clean-up (finish), the choice of abrasive diameter should not be too small, it should not be too large. Diameter is too small, the number of particles per unit time sprayed on the workpiece surface less, will reduce the efficiency and make the workpiece surface roughness (bullet) increased. The diameter of the commonly used abrasive 2.8 ~ 0.3mm range.

     When initially working with abrasive, it is best to use the smallest estimated size of abrasive until the proper size range is established and then add the larger size of abrasive. In the same can clean the workpiece under the premise of small size abrasive has a relatively large coverage (per unit time to be cleaned workpiece per unit area of the abrasive fall point), the larger size abrasive cleaning faster and effective.

  • Material SUS430 stainless Steel Shot - 0.3mm
  • Steel Shots S170
  • Stainless Balsting Media Abrasive Stainless Steel Shot Cut Shot SUS304 0.4mm
  • Foundry Perlite Sand for Cast Iron Steel Industry
  • Steel Shot S280 for Shotblasting
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH16

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