The use of stainless steel shots and innovation

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Stainless steel shots are widely used in non-ferrous metal casting, casting parts, aluminum, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, metal surface treatment, pump valve industry.Mainly focus on to product surface scale, edge burrs, surface roughness, inferior smooth surface mild, flat, derusting processing.

Stainless steel shots known as stainless steel cut wire shots, the use of wire drawing, cutting, polishing, such as craft refined but become, the appearance of the light, no rust, round bead shape (cut pill, cylindrical).Pure stainless steel shots of moderate hardness, ingredients, coverage, because itself is not generally cast steel shot hole, such as faults, its service life is longer, can completely replace the imported products, the product performance and price significantly lower than imported products, cost savings for customers.Stainless steel bolus treatment after casting surface is bright and clean without rust, that don't have to pickling, such as post-processing, is conducive to environmental protection.You can choose after pre grinding of cast and cast without pre cut pill, two different shapes of products.

Production process and technical innovation
Stainless steel shots of production technology in China is not complicated, the main system of shot blasting equipment investment in the similar can do, the price of the equipment is not more expensive than a normal machine tool.But as a new steel shot production process, the manufacturer should have the consciousness of risk when introducing this technology, if not prepared to take risks, it is best not to touch this project.
Make domestic stainless steel pill, the first is the manufacturer changzhou there of cast steel shot, USES a water spray method, get the shots for stainless steel and cast steel is similar, black surface oxidation, improved after the process, but there are still steel shots surface yellowing, hollow pill for many questions, especially the hollow balls, is a great impact on the quality of the product.Later, have a manufacturer of rotary method is used to produce stainless steel shots, suc

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