Thermal spraying technology of steel grit

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Steel grit the application of thermal spraying technology in the service industry, over the years engineering staff is committed to research an important aspect, its outstanding characteristic is wide size range, storage capacity, spraying coating can obtain different materials with different performance characteristics of workpiece surface.The bonding strength of coating and base depends on the pretreatment before spraying the surface.In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars on the steel grits thermal spraying technology system in-depth research, and it is widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, coal, electric power, petroleum, chemical, food, textile, weapons, and other fields 

[1].Steel shot, however, the bonding strength of thermal spraying coating and matrix has been restricting the application of the key in the shaft parts repair, especially internal combustion engine crankshaft.At present, the method of repairing crankshaft are surfacing welding and painting.Compared with welding, thermal spray coating has the advantage that the basic repair crankshaft without thermal deformation.The traditional spraying method, general need to spray the bottom or by electric hair pretreatment;Pretreatment, spraying the bottom still need to process complex;Electric processing, hair seriously affect the crankshaft fatigue strength.In electric arc spraying high hardness parts such as crankshaft surface pretreatment process, proved the feasibility of sand is a kind of surface treatment technology.

[2].The process on the surface of the coarsening, at the same time can produce larger residual compressive stress in the workpiece surface, so as to improve the fatigue strength of parts.After liquid sandblasting often corrosion caused by slow liquid on the surface of the workpiece processing.And dry spray steel grit can effectively avoid the defects, and simplify the process.To dry spray steel grit crude into preprocessing, crankshaft, wire arc spraying can effectively avoid the spray layer, the electric hair such as pretreatment and reduce the defect of the crankshaft fatigue strength, improve the reliability of process.This study is to optimize dry spray steel grit arc spraying process, improve the bonding strength of coating and matrix and the repair of crankshaft fatigue life.

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