To chossed steel shot, according to the material and hardness of workpiece

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Steel hardness and cleaning speed is proportional to, but the life expectancy is inversely proportional. Therefore, the hardness of the steel shot the higher cleaning speed faster and longer, but short life expectancy, so hard should be moderate (about HRC40-50 appropriate) the best results. Select moderate hardness of steel shots, with excellent rebound of the steel shot, to reach the clean-room in every place, but also can reduce the processing time.

Steel balls are mainly used to clean the workpiece, the choice of steel balls is proportional to the work efficiency, the correct choice of steel shots is to improve work efficiency, high hardness steel, the workpiece cleaning effect is good, relative to the consumption is good, Therefore, the use of steel balls, according to the workpiece material and hardness, only to choose the right steel balls, so as to improve the service life of steel balls.

Correct choice of steel shot to pay attention to the following questions; determine the main shot depends on the type of workpiece you want, aluminum pills or stainless steel balls are generally used for non-ferrous metals; ordinary steel welding parts, castings, steel, steel balls are selected; Large finished surface roughness is higher, but the work efficiency is very high; Irregular shape of the grit or wire cut pills cleaning efficiency than spherical pills, but the surface roughness is also high; Clean up the efficiency of the projectile The wear on the equipment is also fast; it only takes time to calculate, but it is less abrasive than production efficiency.

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