Tyre bead wires

- May 14, 2018 -

A tyre wire is a steel wire mounted on the edge of a rubber tire, or a steel wire or a tire edge wire.It is generally used to manufacture the steel wires of steel wire bundles on the outer edge of tire, such as automobiles, motorcycles, tractors and airplanes. The diameter of the product is 0.96, 1.0 and 1.3, 1.4 and 1.65mm, 1mm diameter is the main product.The other type is the edge steel wire used for making hard edge tyres, such as bicycles, with a diameter of 2.1 mm.Tyre steel wire has high tensile strength, toughness and good fatigue resistance.If the diameter of the tire steel wire is LMM, the tensile strength of the tyre is 1770 ~ 22l0MPa, bending (r=2).The number of times should be greater than 12, and the number of torsion should be greater than 27.The tyre wire should also be well combined with rubber, so the product must be coated with a metal coating with high adhesion to rubber.(see steel wire electroplating brass)

The tyre wire is made of high carbon and high carbon structural steel.In order to ensure the high strength and toughness of the product, the total reduction and average reduction rate (see area reduction rate) of the finished product is generally 80% and 20%.The coating of steel wire can be divided into copper (Cu), brass (70%Cu, 30%Zn) and bronze (96% ~ 98%Cu, 4% ~ 2%Sn).The plating method can be divided into chemical plating and electroplating.According to the sequence of two processes of coating and drawing, it can be divided into the semi-finished product of the first plating and the finished plating of the finished product.In order to make the steel wire have good linearity, the product can be straightened or tempered and straightened.Tempered tyre wire is the leading product of tyre wire.

China's huge automobile demand has promoted the rapid growth of the tire industry. Meanwhile, with the development of lightweight and high speed, the comprehensive performance of tire steel wire is getting higher and higher.The life of steel wire is closely related to the torsion performance of steel wire.At the same time, the torsion performance of finished steel wire has a great influence on the yield of the subsequent process.Therefore, the torsion performance must be considered when evaluating the comprehensive performance of steel wire.

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