What changing to metal abrasives china produced during shotblasting

- Mar 23, 2018 -

What changing occured during shotblasting to metal abrasives china products

Many researchers have pointed out that pre-cold hardening has no effect on wear, which means that the material surface is subjected to a lot of plasticity and cold work hardening during the wear of metal abrasive china products.As for the common cold working process for material work hardening, ways of frayed, but is instead of some test the initial phase of work hardening, so you can't improve the wear resistance.

The relationship between wear resistance and physical hardness and surface hardness is caused by the stress-strain curve of the material, the surface strain is about 25%, and the strain of the wear process is 4.8.The hardness of the metal is roughly equal to three times the flow stress that occurs when the strain is 8%.

Sample surface, therefore, the proportion of the highest hardness after wear the relationship with this sample itself the body hardness and wear resistance of the proportion of relations, in contrast, more can explain the essence of the resistance to wear, is in the process of abrasive wear and tear and wear.

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