What differents between stainless steel shot and atomized stainless steel shot

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Atomized stainless steel bolus is the existence of centrifugal atomization of casting is not solid and broken rate But the model can be very small to 0.1 0.2 mm do not wear short service life After blasting workpiece surface dust is more Price low centrifugal atomizing stainless steel bolus manufacturers are mainly distributed in foshan, zhejiang fujian and other places

Stainless steel round pill is made of stainless steel wire drawing cut pill rounded pill breakage will only material solid does not exist as it fine grinding A longer service life But you can't do 0.3 MM the following models.

  • Steel Grit Manufacturers
  • China Supplier of Foundry Slag Remover Slag Coagulant for Casting
  • Steel Shot S780 Shot Peening
  • Steel Grit GL18
  • Steel Grit GH14
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP50

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