What factors included in surface treatment with steel grit

- Dec 14, 2017 -

The influencing factors of steel grit in workpiece surface treatment?Metal abrasive for workpiece surface treatment has great effect, characteristics of steel grit: moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, can be used for several times repeatedly, long life, good elasticity and adhesion, fast clean sand consumption is low, not broken, clean up the workpiece intensity big, the technical effect is good, the metal surface treated by this product cleanliness can be up to international standards.So, what is the effect of factors?We introduce below.

1, compressed air for the acceleration of jet stream (the size of sand blasting pressure regulating)
2, the type of abrasive (S), concentration
3, the distance of the gun (H), Angle (theta)
4, jet injection time (T)

Steel shot equipment pressure regulating effect on the result of the surface: the size of the S, H, theta after three volume Settings, P value is, the higher the speed of the jet stream, the higher the efficiency of sandblasting, the rough surface processing, on the contrary, the relatively smooth surface.

The distance of the gun, the influence of the Angle change on the surface of the results: after the P, S value is set, the key for manual sand blasting technology, spray gun from the workpiece is commonly 50-150 - mm, spray gun from the workpiece, the lower the efficiency of the jet stream, the smooth the surface.Spray gun and artifacts of the smaller the Angle, the lower the efficiency of the jet stream, the workpiece surface is smooth.
Abrasive type: the influence of the result of the surface of abrasive particle generally fall into the spherical, two types of diamond, sandblasting usually adopted sandblasting jingang sha (white steel-yu) corundum, corundum) for the diamond abrasive.Spherical glass beads as abrasive.In P, H, theta three value Settings, spherical abrasive blasting by the results of a smooth surface, the diamond abrasive surface are relatively rough, but the same kind of abrasive and thickness, according to the number of mesh division domestic abrasive degree of thickness, generally called the number, the higher the number, and the smaller the particle size, P, H, theta value set, the higher the serial number of the same kind of abrasive blasting, the surface of the obtained result is more smooth.

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