What industry need steel grit china products

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Steel grits china products are wide used in some industrial fields,plz see followings:

1. Mold industry: the mold is mostly cast, and the mold itself requires smoothing and polishing.

2.Valve production processing industry: the workpiece of the valve factory is cast. It needs polishing and polishing to be clean, smooth and smooth.

3. Shipbuilding: the steel plate used by the shipyard has rust, which affects the quality of shipbuilding and needs to be cleaned and polished.

4. Steel manufacturing: steel, steel plate produced by steel mills, cleaning burrs.

5. Casting industry: polishing and polishing of casting parts produced by foundry enterprises.

6. Auto industry: according to the requirements of the car factory work, using steel plates, some casting are need polishing processing, but can not damage the shapes of the strength of the steel plate, the original, the shapes of casting parts to ensure the clean and beautiful.

7. Bearing manufacturing: the bearing is pressed by the mold, and the impurities or burrs need to be cleaned and polished.

8. Steel structure construction enterprises: the steel structure must be derusted before being used to meet the structural requirements stipulated by the state.

9. Hardware factory and electroplating processing manufacturing industry: since the hardware and electroplating factories require the workpiece surface to be clean, smooth and smooth, it needs to be cleaned and polished.

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