What is metal abraisives

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Commonly used the surface of the metal material, the effect is the best abrasive, is a kind of sharp, hard materials, used to grinding with a softer material surface, is a mechanical metal surface treatment materials, abrasive abrasive can be divided into metal and non-metallic abrasive, according to the production mode is divided into natural abrasive and artificial abrasive.According to the classification of hardness has superhard abrasive abrasive and ordinary bonding two kinds big.

Metal abrasive including steel shot, steel grit, iron shot, iron grit, stainless steel shot, steel wire cut shots and stainless steel cut wire shot, etc., has a wide application value, the metal abrasive cleaning up dust pollution of small, high visibility, clean easily guaranteed quality, working efficiency is high, widely used in the industries of machinery on the surface of casting.

Steel balls are widely used in iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, also widely used in casting sand, when used with the proper equipment, steel shot for durable, is your the best abrasive surface cleaning.

  • Steel Grit
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot 1.2mm
  • China Supplier of Foundry Slag Remover Slag Coagulant for Casting
  • Abrasive Medias-stainless Steel Shot
  • Steel Grit GP40
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL120

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