What is the purpose of steel cut wire shot heat treatment?

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The purpose of heat treatment in the production of wire cut shots is that the heat treatment of the wire will regain the conditions conducive to cold drawing. This means that the wire rod or wire after cold drawing, the molecular structure has changed, although the increase in strength, but more vulnerable to brittle fracture, to a certain extent that can not be successfully drawn and pulled off. The structure inside the wire is restored again by heat treatment. In order to facilitate drawing again, so not easy to break, but also to achieve the required strength. Therefore, the heat treatment of the wire can eliminate the work hardening of the steel wire in the previous cold drawing process, so as to facilitate the cold drawing, so that the hot-rolled wire rod has a structure suitable for drawing and can be normally drawn. So that the wire has a special organization, cold drawn steel wire has good performance.

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